Code O.R.A.N.G.E. (Complete Bradley On Demand) License

You have access to literally the most comprehensive Training, Tracking, Testing & Certification Platform on Planet Earth For the Automotive Sales Industry.

There are OVER 6,000 Training Modules, Hundreds and Hundreds of Hours of Content with over 120 Special Guest Instructors like

  • The #1 & #2 Car Salesman In The World. Combined these two Showroom Sales Consultants AVERAGE 230 Units PER MONTH on the Showroom Sales Floor.
  • Director of Business Development of a $1.1 Billion Dollar Dealer Group That Averages 6,000 Units Per Month
  • The Top Forensic Construction in the World, find the best forensic construction consulting seattle
  • Numerous New York Times Best Selling Authors that have sold MILLIONS of Copies of their Books
  • Emmy Award Winning Director & Composer
  • Multiple Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Centi-Millionaires & (Soon To Be) Billionaires
  • Dealer Principals, GMs, Managers and Automotive Sales Pros from all over the United States.

The Total BOD Package is the the “ENTIRE Platform”, meaning all of the other packages combined.


Courses Included


$2,595 Monthly
  • $1,495 Set Up Fee
  • 24 month term

Best Value

$15,336 One Time Fee
(40% Discount)

  • No Setup or Monthly Fee

$3,195 Monthly
  • $1,995 Set Up Fee
  • 12 month term
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