Sean V. Bradley

23 Aug 2017

Welcome to the Most Comprehensive Training Platform

Why Interactive Training? Interactivity is defined as “the process of two people or things working together and influencing each other.”  Our world is interactive, technology is interactive; we live in a world where we make choices and become influenced every single second of every single day.  When it comes to learning something new, improving your skills, etc. it is imperative to be able to interact with your environment.  You pick it up faster and it becomes a much more immersive interaction, hence a more valuable training experience. Bradley On Demand, the #1 Automotive Sales Training Platform in the industry is massively interactive to help you learn more effectively and utilize the processes, word tracks, and advice provided to you by world class trainers.   Becoming immersed in and dedicated to your training is the only way you’ll succeed in this industry.  The interactivity of Bradley On Demand caters to everyone’s…

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15 Jun 2017

Sean V. Bradley Interviews Toni Anne Fardette, The Billion Dollar Girl – Automotive Internet Sales

Check Out Our Social Media Website at: Sean V. Bradley, CSP sat down with Toni Anne Fardette, Business Development Director with the Atlantic Auto Group, better known as "The Billion Dollar Girl" to share her secrets on how she became one of the top female leaders in the automotive sales industry. From her remarkable lessons on employee retention to her world-class practices in maintaining a 22 rooftop automotive group like a true champion, Toni Anne showcases what truly earned her the title of "The Billion Dollar Girl".

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