Effective Training

Training is the difference between an average business and an above average business, but what can make even more of a difference here is EFFECTIVE training.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Businesses pay massive amounts of money for training that doesn’t change their bottom line.
  • Businesses don't realize the effective of the training they are paying for.
  • The Automotive Industry has a 70% attrition ratio.
  • Proper training isn’t a one-and-done video. It’s repetition and accountability.
  • The only way to truly train effectively is to understand every level of your business and to train at every level.

Just remember that the more effectively and consistently you train, the more effectively your business can grow.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is the most cost-effective method of training out there, and there’s no better way for people to access the information they need than through virtual training. Bradley on Demand brings all of the positives of Virtual Training to life.

With the Bradley on Demand virtual training platform:

  • BDC Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and more, can watch the progress of their employees online without having to spend the excessive amount of time it normally takes to train.
  • Superiors can catch a breather instead of pushing the repetition it takes to properly train employees.
  • Employees get the one-on-one attention without having to wait for their superiors.

With the Bradley on Demand platform, we can show the most current, relevant techniques and training 24/7, giving support 24/7, all while tracking, measuring, and monitoring their progress.