Training is literally the MOST IMPORTANT Thing You can do for Your Dealership to Ensure Success

As a franchised or independent car dealership or dealer group, the ONLY thing different from you and other dealerships are your people. “Why” should someone buy a Ford F150 from your dealership instead of ABC Ford? The F150 is the #1 selling vehicle for 44 years now!

ANY Ford dealer can sell the F150 at the same price. So, “why” should they give you the privilege of selling them a vehicle? “What” is different and better about what you do over the competition…? 

It’s your PEOPLE! It would only make sense that you would want to invest in your greatest asset and essentially your greatest competitive edge. You want to develop your team and nurture them into becoming a championship team through both mind and body.

Here are Some Facts and the Reality of the Automotive Sales Industry:

– The average dealership attrition In the United States is between 70% – 80%. That is INSANE. How can ANY organization survive with turnover that high? Attrition that high will cause havoc and mayhem within your organization, CSI will suffer, utilization of tools and technology like CRM will decrease and cause even more problems visit site. Additionally, you will experience low grosses, low sales, lost market share, increase cost per lead (CPL), increase cost per sale (CPS), poor employee satisfaction and so much more.

– The average sales consultant ONLY sells approximately 9.6 units per month. However, there are automotive sales professionals like Ali Reda that Deliver 130+ Units Per Month on the Showroom Sales Floor. I am not saying EVERYONE can or will do that. But EVERY SINGLE automotive sales professional in the country should sell a LOT MORE CARS than 9.6 in a whole entire month.

– 90% of Dealership / Dealer Groups CRMs are (Some or ALL):

  • Have antiquated templates / scripts
  • Owners, GM, GSM, Sales Managers, Internet / BDC, F&I, Service, Sales Team are NOT Properly Trained on the CRM
  • There is little to NO accountability in the CRM
  • Not Set Up Correctly
  • Have Errors / Misspelling etc…
  • Owners, GM, GSM, Sales Managers, Internet / BDC, F&I, Service, Sales Team have NO CLUE “What” are the CRM Processes / Action Plans, Content etc…
  • The CRM is disheveled, disorganized. Leads are not properly dispositioned, archived, Marked Sold, Marked Dead etc…
  • Not Utilized Correctly
  • Missing Actions Plans, Work Flows, CRM Processes etc…
  • Owners, GM, GSM, Sales Managers, Internet / BDC, F&I, Service, Sales Team do NOT use the tool correctly.

– The VAST majority of dealership employees, management and ownership are HORRIBLE with time management, time “maximization” or work / life balance and it severely affects their life, their relationships, their heart and their emotions.

Some Managers and Dealer Principals might think “Why Bother” Training our Team… They are just going to Quit or get Blown out.

“Employees, the only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.”

– Zig Ziglar

That is SO POWERFUL and SO RIGHT! “What if you do NOT train them and they stay”? No matter how successful someone in your organization is, no matter how successful YOU are, I promise you that you would be EVEN MORE successful with training, with practicing, drilling and rehearsing.

Think of ANY “professional”… like an NFL Athlete. How hard and how frequently do they need to practice, drill, rehearse to become Super Bowl Champions? How hard does an Olympic Gold Medalist have to train to achieve such accomplishments? What type of mindset, commitment to excellence, sacrifice does that Olympian need to undergo to become a “Gold Medalist ”? What about Navy SEALS or Delta Force Commandos? How many times a day, week, month do they have to practice, practice, practice, drill, drill, drill, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, in order to be the most elite combat soldier in the world?

REAL TRAINING is ONLY accomplished from:

  1. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition and MORE REPETITION! 
  2. Time and Experience

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