Reasons Why Virtual Training is the Best


Train when you want and where you want.


 Same message delivered the same exact way, each and every time.


Create training assignments and tie those assignments to pay plans.


Each training module is tracked, tested and graded.


Bradley On Demand shows up each and every time. It will never call out sick, or have a schedule conflict.

Time Maximization

Tired of repeating the same message or feedback over and over again? Video your message once, put it on the platform, test their understanding.

And Most Importantly… You Get MORE for Your Investment!

The National Average for a BASIC Trainer per day ONSITE at your Dealership is approximately $2,000 – $2,500… PER DAY! Very Good Trainers are $5,000+ PER DAY.

I myself charge $12,000 PER DAY... and OUTSIDE of the Automotive Sales Industry I charge up to $15,000 to “Keynote”.

New York Times Best Selling Authors Charge anywhere from $25,000 Per Hour and even OVER $100,000 Per Hour to “Keynote”.

International Best Selling Author of the Book “Win The Game of Googleopoly”. 

“CSP” in the National Speakers Association

Member of the Ultra Elite “Million Dollar Speakers Group” in the National Speakers Association (You have to EARN MORE than $1 Million per year in PAID Speaking gigs).

So you can pay $2,000 for a BASIC Trainer, for ONE DAY at your Dealership or for the same amount of money OR LESS you can get a 24/7 Access to a  Virtual Training, Tracking, Testing Platform with a $5,000,000 Training Library of OVER 6,000 individual Training Modules for every single aspect of the Dealership and beyond so you can sell more cars,  more often and more profitably. Get the best funding at loanspress.

And on BradleyOnDemand NOT only do you get Sean V. Bradley, CSP, Karen Bradley, LA Williams aka the “Blind Phone Master” but you get 120+ ADDITIONAL Guest Trainers.

We have 3 New York Times Best Selling Authors on our Platform:

Shep Hyken

Dr. Willie Jolley

Weldon Long

Combined they have SOLD MILLIONS and MILLIONS of copies of their books and each of them command at least $35,000 – $50,000 Per Hour to Keynote!

Reviews from Successful Clients

Let's get started.

“BradleyOnDemand / Dealer Synergy” have Trained Hundreds of Thousands of Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers & Dealer Principals All around the World and have OVER 1,200 Active Roof Tops. Additionally, we have directly been responsible for our Clients generating OVER $1 Billion Dollars of additional Revenue! Here is what some of our Raving Fans have to say!

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