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What Are The Dealer Synergy Academy Classes

Dealer Synergy’s Academy Classes offer comprehensive, dynamic, and LIVE training tailored specifically for Showroom Sales, Phone Sales, Internet / BDC, Management, CRM, Leadership, and MORE! Each class provides actionable insights for immediate application. Led by industry experts with extensive experience in automotive sales and dealership operations, these interactive sessions foster engagement through hands-on activities, role-playing exercises, and real-world case studies, ensuring valuable skill development in a supportive environment. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a dealership manager, our Academy Classes empower you to thrive in today’s competitive automotive market.

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Why Choose LIVE Dealer Synergy Academy Classes?

Hands-On Training

Dive into immersive
role-playing exercises and live
demonstrations to refine
automotive sales techniques
and boost confidence on the
phone and showroom floor.

Industry Leading Instructors

Learn from automotive sales
gurus with years of experience
and a track record of success,
and receive top-notch
guidance tailored to your
dealership’s challenges.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Our innovative approach
integrates real-world scenarios,
interactive modules, and
personalized learning paths,
ensuring every student
achieves mastery.

Proven Results

Join a program with a proven
track record of success! Our
graduates consistently
achieve higher sales numbers,
higher grosses, and higher
customer satisfaction ratings..

Industry Guest Appearances In LIVE Classes:
Learn Directly From The Superstars Themselves!

Featured Academy Classes

Explore Our Premier LIVE Training Classes to Elevate Your Automotive Career!
What To Say On The Phone To Maximize Profit Service As A Business Development Specialist

There are about 12 different
conversations that a high quality service BDC rep understands and can execute. Some or all of them likely apply
to your service call center.


1 Hour Session

How To Get Prospects To Talk
When They Only Want To Text Or Email

How do you go about escalating the text or email to a phone call? Learn effective word tracks and strategies on how to escalate any communication to a phone call.



1 Hour Session

How to Set an Appointment
Every Time You Take an Inbound
Sales Call

The Inbound Phone Process class takes a look at Dealer Synergy’s Award-Winning
Inbound Phone Process. This class
covers everything from: Objections, Rebuttals, and what to do when the
vehicle is “not available”.


1 Hour Session

Some Of Our Amazing Instructors

Some Of Our Amazing Instructors

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Master your craft and accelerate your automotive sales
career with Bradley On Demand’s LIVE, Interactive
Training Classes! Our renowned instructors provide
unmatched guidance tailored to your success!

Most Popular Questions

See some common questions & answers below, or call us at (856)-546-2440
Absolutely. We recommend users take advantage of all the incredible features that will enhance your team’s experience. For Free, Bradley On Demand offers complete customization for your dealership that lets you create the dealer-specific training your team needs with the familiarity of the dealership branding, meaning: your colors, your logo, YOUR FEEL! Tired of repeating the same instructions and lessons, only to see repeated mistakes from your team? Sound like a ‘broken record’ no further! For FREE, we will upload your dealership specific content to your platform, only available to you and your team!
Bradley On Demand has state-of-the-art management metrics, tracking, and accountability tools. Use the management tool to assign specific training to your team members, then monitor their engagement through the tracking tool to see exactly which modules your team watched, when they were watched, and if they watched them completely. Finally, use the testing tools, at the end of each video, to review their scores and progress in training! If they did not retain the information to your standards, you can also reassign the video for them to re-watch and re-test. Training is not something you did, it’s something you DO!
NO! The pricing you SEE is what you GET! There are never hidden or additional fees for the Bradley On Demand #1 24/7 Interactive Training, Tracking, Testing, and Certification Platform!
We are here to make sure your experience with Bradley On Demand is positive, worry-free, and easy. If you’re having trouble with any aspect of the platform, from logging in, accessing tracking/analytic reports, customizing content, or something else entirely, our team is ready and prepared to work hard to resolve your issue instantly! Please contact us at 856-546-2440 EXT 31.
Unlike any other Automotive Sales Training Platform, your subscription isn’t limited to just pre-recorded training modules, with Bradley On Demand, you get an All Access Pass to our exclusive LIVE Dealer Synergy Academy Classes! Conducted by our Dealer Synergy subject matter experts and top industry professionals, these LIVE trainings are designed to help you solve real problems… in REAL time! Everything from Showroom Sales, Phone Sales, overcoming Objections & Rebuttals, CRM, Social Media, Marketing, Leadership, Professional Development, and so much more!
Absolutely. Bradley On Demand strives itself on being the most updated training platform in the entire automotive industry! We have a full, in-house, video production team that’s shooting, editing, and posting new content every week. We’re working around the clock to make sure you have access to the most current and relevant content, with the highest production quality available.
Yes! We have packages available for individual automotive professionals looking to invest in themselves and their career into becoming the next Millionaire Car Salesman! Visit our pricing page for more details.
As a Bradley On Demand Member, you will receive a 100% discount on the registration to all Internet Sales 20 Group Conferences, and Dealer Synergy hosted Workshops. That’s not all! Members will receive an additional 10% discount on all Dealer Synergy Services: Onsite Training, Monthly Support & Accountability Program, CRM Set Up, and CRM Monthly Support.

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