BradleyOnDemand is the Automotive Sales Industry’s #1 Interactive Training, Tracking, Testing and Certification Platform. There are currently over 1,200 Unique Rooftops and over 12,000 individual Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals in the United States, Canada and Guam, active on BradleyOnDemand. BradleyOnDemand has helped dealers generate OVER $1 Billion Dollars in ADDITIONAL Revenue!, Check javfor.

What Makes Bradley On Demand So Successful?

BradleyOnDemand is so successful and so powerful because of “who” the instructors are and because of the content. There is NOTHING and I mean absolutely nothing in the entire industry, in ANY country that even comes close. We have assembled the absolute “Best of the Best” in the world, in EVERY aspect of Automotive Sales. For Example:

The Bradleys

Have been coined as an elite “power couple”. Both are NADA convention speakers and 20 Group speakers, with a combined 34 years in the Automotive Sales Industry.

Sean is the Best Selling Author of “Win The  Game of Googleopoly” and is a pioneer in Automotive Internet Sales / BDC, CRM & Digital Marketing. When Sean was on the frontlines selling cars, he averaged 30+ units per month on the Showroom Sales Floor!

Karen Bradley is a Certified FranklinCovey Trainer & Facilitator for over 12 years. Additionally, Karen is also a N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist. Karen is the #1 “Time Maximization” Expert in the Automotive Sales Industry. She helps people “Do More, Be More and  Achieve More” in mind, body and spirit. Karen was nominated by Automotive News as one of the Top Female Automotive Sales Executives in North America.

The Blind Phone Master

L.A. Williams AKA “The Blind Phone Phone Master”, is a NADA convention speaker and Dealer 20 Group Speaker, with over 11 years of Automotive Sales Training Experience. LA has trained tens of thousands of Automotive Sales Professionals, BDC Reps, Managers and Dealer Principals. “The Blind Phone Master” is on a whole other level when it comes to Phone Sales, Internet Sales, BDC and EVERYTHING “Phones”.

Ali Reda

Literally The #1 Car Salesman in the World! Ali Has:

  • SOLD & Delivered 1,582 Units in 2017 
  • SOLD & Delivered 202 Units in December 2018 
  • SOLD & Delivered 32 Units in one day, on January 2nd 2020 
  • Broke the Guinness Book of Records. Ali has SOLD MORE CARS than ANY Person in the World… Ever. 

Frank Crinite

The #2 Car Salesman in the World. Frank is a Showroom Sales Consultant at a Single Point Honda Dealership in Pennsylvania and he AVERAGES OVER 101 Units per month on the Showroom Sales Floor and 30 of those units come from his personal Facebook Page!

Toni Anne Fardette

Toni Anne was the Director of Business Development at a $1.1 BILLION DOLLAR Dealer Group in Long Island (The Atlantic Auto Group). Her department SOLD & DELIVERED 2,600 Units Per Month ONLINE! She had 95 BDC Reps and 19 Internet Director under her command. Toni Anne specializes in Receptionist Training, Service BDC and much more!


Tianna Mick – #TGotYourKeys

#TGotYourKeys is the FUTURE of car sales and “how” Automotive Sales Professionals should leverage technology, social media and digital marketing to control their own destiny and literally “build a business, within a business”. Tianna started selling cars at 19 years old and in a short time has:

  • The #1 Website for a Showroom Sales Consultant, 
  • Utilizes: Her own website, Google Analytics, Facebook Retargeting, SEO, Social Media PAID Ads on Instagram and Facebook, Video as well as the MOST ADVANCED Technologies and Strategies to generate her own prospects and referrals! 
  • The #1 Grossing Showroom Sales Consultant In Her Dealership
  • She Averages 17-18 Units Per Month on the Showroom Sales Floor 
  • Has won the “Millionaire Car Salesman” Award for “The Most Influential New Female Automotive Sales Professional”.

So Many Others…

The line-up is seriously INSANE! It’s like the Justice League and the Avengers joined forces to form Voltron! In addition to our core instructors, our platform features MANY of the automotive industry’s elite trainers like: Jonathan Dawson, Jim Ziegler, Tom Stuker, Mark Tewart, Shaka Dyson, Joe Webb and MORE. We have multiple New York Times Best Selling Authors, not to mention a LOT of Dealer Principals, GMs, GSMs, Internet / BDC Directors, CRM Managers, F&I, Automotive Sales Pros and MORE! Take a look at the Instructors Page to see for yourself. There are just TOO MANY to name here.

Why Choose Bradley On Demand?

Simply put, there is absolutely NOTHING like it in the Automotive Sales Industry, today. There is NO training platform that even has a fraction of the amount of content, as well as the diversity of curriculum, all in one place, like BradleyOnDemand.

Our platform has everything you and your dealership will need to sell more cars, more often and more profitably:

  • New Hire Onboarding / Training
  • Receptionist Training to Advanced Showroom Sales
  • Internet Sales / BDC
  • CRM to even Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Branding, Video, SEO/SEM
  • Lead Generation, Referral Generation and the “Lost Art of Prospecting”

BOD has EXCLUSIVE content that does not exist outside BOD like the “Time Maximization Section”, the “CRM Section”. If that wasn’t enough for the last 12 years every single National Conference has been recorded and ALL of the sessions are on BradleyOnDemand! We are talking about the most sought after Speakers, Trainers and Subject Matter Experts in the World, in any industry are all on BradleyOnDemand.  

Most importantly, there is no other on demand platform in the automotive industry that gets the results that we do!

Bradley On Demand Technology

Bradley On Demand is the most Advanced “Learning Management Solution” (LMS) in the World. It is powered by LightSpeedVT. Almost every major Speaker, Trainer, Author in every industry utilizes the LightSpeedVT Platform like:

  • Grant Cardone 
  • Tony Robbins
  • Daymond John
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Napoleon Hill
  • The National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • And So Much More!

Bradley On Demand is NOT “YouTube”. It is the MOST Advanced Technology for Training, Tracking, Testing and Certification for The Automotive Sales Industry. 

Some Key Technology Features Include:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Tracking and Reporting. You can track at the OEM level, Dealer Group Level, Dealership Level, The Department Level and the Individual Level. You can be notified by Text or email.

You can track “who” has logged in and who has engaged with the training modules. Did they complete modules or abandon them? Did they take the correlating tests? Did they pass or fail? If they passed all modules within a certification, they will be “Certified” and they can Print a PDF of their Certification for that Course!

BradleyOnDemand was built for the Automotive Sales Industry and we understand that whenever you tie something to the pay plan, it massively increases the reality of employees actually doing it. That is why the platform was designed with the ability for a dealership to integrate BradleyOnDemand with a user’s pay plan. Whether the user is in Sales, Internet / BDC or Management, you can configure it to be a “Reward, or Consequence, or Both”.

There are so many awesome features on this platform! Schedule a demo today, to see them all and find out how they will help your dealership sell more cars, more often and more profitably.

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